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Stunning view over villa sunshine ardeche gardens

Villa Sunshine Ardèche is a stunning property in the south of France with many luxury features and amenities.

Situated high up on the south side of the valley with an absolutely unobstructed view over the south of the Ardèche towards Ruoms, Vallon Pont d'Arc and beyond, this superb retreat is without doubt the perfect choice for a private holiday in the South of France.​

The villa is situated just outside of the village of Saint-Maurice-d'Ardèche which is a beautifully typical slice of France that covers just five square kilometres, most of which is farm land and vineyard. With no immediate neighbours, the area surrounding the property is extremely quiet and even during the summer months offers outstanding calm and tranquillity.

With well over four thousand square meters of grounds, Villa Sunshine Ardèche has enough space for you to relax, spread out and presents you with a real taste of the South of France.

This vast space also allows you to appreciate the fabulous French sunshine, from sunrise to sunset. It is even possible to witness the sunset twice in one day. Climb to the end of the garden after sunset at the house, then experience the sunset all over again...

Stunning view over villa sunshine ardeche gardens

The grounds of the villa are well established and maintained regularly by the gardener. There are many varieties of tree including; Cyprus, Palm, Pine, Mulberry, Olive, Eucalyptus and Fir.

To the front of the property is an array of decorative planting that, dependant on time of year presents you with an agreeable array of colour.

To the rear of the villa beyond le terrain de petanque lies the rising hillside garden with all the rustic charm of the French countryside. A natural landscape containing several varieties of herb that include wild Rosemary and Thyme.

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